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CityMove: the Future of Smart City Mobility

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We are a team of 3 professional Solvay Executive MBA candidates, passionate about new ideas and make things happen. We all 3 live and work in the Brussels area and experience on a daily basis the mobility problem of today’s cities: every trip becomes complex and unpredictable, resulting in either delays or bad experiences.

So, what if we could design perfect mobility? What does perfect mobility mean to us? How would it be?  Is it the flexibility of a city bike/scooter or the availability of public transport or car sharing? It is all of this and so much more. There are so many aspects that can make moving around in the city an outstanding customer experience again.

The mobility environment is undergoing a remarkable transformation with evolving business models and shifting customer preferences. Tomorrow we will move with a different approach. We will go from ‘automobile’ to ‘mobile’, arranging journeys on the fly with our smartphones: metropolitan mobility will be all about intermodality, flexibility and customization.

With our start-up CITYMOVE, we convert mobility of the future into a solution of the present to meet the challenges raised by transportation in modern cities and the environmental and societal needs related to it.

We adopt an all-in-one user-centric approach where we connect the dots of public and private while combining with personal features that is essential to empower city travelers for making smart mobility decisions. Our end-users will enjoy the benefits of hyper-personalized travel plans, faster than real-time (proactive) customer propositions and a user-friendly interface thanks to cognitive machine learning.

We wish to contribute at making Brussels a greater city again to live, work and visit for anybody travelling in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is our goal to become THE reference of Intermodal Mobility as a Service sustainable, convenient and personalized end-to-end travel journeys.

With CITYMOVE we want cities move in a sustainable way!


Team Keyvan, Liesbeth, Nicolas.