The Future

of Smart City Mobility

We convert mobility of the future into a solution of the present to meet the challenges raised by transportation in modern cities and the environmental and societal needs related to it.

Preference Based Traveling

Select your preferred options and our algorithm will plan accordingly

Real-time Propositions

Bases upon your calendar we will suggest the best travel options.

Favourite Journeys

By favouriting your journeys you’ll create a daily preferred route.

Transportation Fit

CityMove will always make sure you utilize the best tranportation for your route.

Moving You
around Faster & Smarter

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to travel to your appointments and meetings? We’ve listened to your requests and we have the answer.

Imagine Your Day
Simplified With CityMove

We will optimize your daily journey by suggesting the best journey based upon your personal preferences and daily traffic conditions.

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